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One of the leading mobile handset manufacturers of the world, Nokia has been playing low for quite some time now. Owing to the emergence of new players in the market and cut throat competition from its ley rival Samsung, Nokia had taken a backseat in recent years. However, recent reports have proved that Nokia is still very much in the game and sis till the market leader above one and all.

Nokia Corp. has recently stated in a press meet how it embraced windows Phone 7.5 Mango OS shedding the age old Symbian OS.  The new device in discussion is the N9 smartphone which happens to be the company’s first ever smartphone on windows platform. What still remains the question is whether the decision to embrace and adopt Windows OS could be beneficial for Nokia to retain its leadership in the market? Clearly enough, Nokia is headed against Apple’s mighty iPhone and the Google Android devices like that of Galaxy SII from Samsung. Earlier, Nokia had itself proclaimed that their Smartphone’s are losing popularity in the market owing to the usage of Symbian which happens to be an old age platform, N8 which was hyped to be the iPhone killer from Nokia can seldom come close to the Apple device matching its hardware, Hence the adoption of Windows OS in the new Nokia N9 seems to be a good idea to beat the rivals. It was way back in the month of June this year, when Nokia had showcased the first ever smartphone in the market from their house that uses a windows mobile OS. The device looked great at the first instant and the home screen of the phone depicted shortcuts to messaging, internet browser and links to access X box live. In other words, Nokia had left it un-customized for the first ever windows platform smartphone from their end.

Although, it no denying that the hardware is not the determining factor for any actual user experience but they do offer a level of comfort to users that varies from one another. Technology news India opines that it’s also important to make sure how it can handle different software from various users. So it’s important that a market leader like Nokia shouldn’t omit certain functions when it comes to the launch of a new phone. For Nokia to retain its market leader position it’s important that they come with a device that is meant for people, for one and all.


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Nokia Market Leader in India

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Nokia Market Leader in India

This article was published on 2011/10/08